Daniel Burke and the LaRouche Cult

According to a variety of very authoritative sources, Henry A. Kissinger is not a Jew, but a faggot…The problem with Kissinger is like that of that flaming, fascistic faggot Roy M. Cohn, who is justly hated by most of the ordinary homosexuals of the United States, and a number of those from other nations. Similarly, Henry A. Kissinger is no ordinary, common, garden-variety of homosexual. His heathen sexual inclinations are merely an integral part of a larger evil…To understand the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is, what Roy Cohn is, think back to the Emperor Nero and his court…That is the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is. That kind of faggotry destroyed Rome. Will you permit it also to destroy the United States?

— Lyndon LaRouche, 1982, “Kissinger, the Politics of Faggotry

Why not destroy the common author of Walpole liberalism, Jacobinism, anarchism, Marxism, fascism, and Bolshe­vism? Why not kill that Satan whom such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Aleister Crowley worshipped? Better, why not destroy that Whore of Babylon, that Shakti, that Ishtar, who is the great whore-mother of all such Satans and Mol­ochs? Can we not do those necessary things? Kill Satan? Kill his mother, the Whore of Babylon? Obliterate such Holy Scriptual figures? Is such business of God the business of man? Are we not the Creator’s Right Arm, endowed with that reason which no other earthly creature possesses, that we, as dutiful creatures of Providence, might do precisely such awesome deeds when the time came we must do so? That is no word-play with symbolisms. The words touch the essence of the most concrete grand strategy required for resisting and defeating the forces of the threatened New Dark Age. The Creator beckons us to kill that evil “Whore of Babylon.” To obey that command, first we must track that foul mother of Satan to her lair…As Benito Mussolini referenced this, Fascism and Bolshevism are twins born of the same, Venetian Party moth­ er. At the time Mussolini made that reference, he professed that the Fascist Romulus had triumphed over the Bolshevik Remus. Since Yalta and Potsdam, it appears that Remus has prevailed. No matter, the point is that they are twins, skunks of the same stripe and satanic aromas…The real, ultimate enemy, Satan’s mother, has residence much closer to your home, perhaps the office of your favorite daily newspaper.

— Lyndon LaRouche, 1988, “The myth of Marxian Communism,”

By 2030, China’s carbon dioxide emissions will peak, stabilize and then decline, and by 2060, China will be carbon neutral and have fully established a green, low-carbon and circular economy, it said, reiterating the country’s previous pledge.

— Xinhua, “China maps path to carbon peak, neutrality under new development philosophy

China will stay committed to promoting ecological conservation. As I have said many times, we should never grow the economy at the cost of resource depletion and environmental degradation, which is like draining a pond to get fish; nor should we sacrifice growth to protect the environment, which is like climbing a tree to catch fish. Guided by our philosophy that clean waters and green mountains are just as valuable as gold and silver, China has carried out holistic conservation and systematic governance of its mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, grasslands and deserts. We do everything we can to conserve the ecological system, intensify pollution prevention and control, and improve the living and working environment for our people.

— Xi Jinping, “President Xi Jinping’s message to The Davos Agenda in full

Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality are the intrinsic requirements of China’s own high-quality development and a solemn pledge to the international community. China will honor its word and keep working toward its goal. We have unveiled an Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030, to be followed by implementation plans for specific sectors such as energy, industry and construction. China now has the world’s biggest carbon market and biggest clean power generation system: the installed capacity of renewable energy has exceeded one billion kilowatts, and the construction of wind and photovoltaic power stations with a total installed capacity of 100 million kilowatts is well under way. Carbon peak and carbon neutrality cannot be realized overnight. Through solid and steady steps, China will pursue an orderly phase-down of traditional energy in the course of finding reliable substitution in new energy. This approach, which combines phasing out the old and bringing in the new, will ensure steady economic and social development. China will also actively engage in international cooperation on climate and jointly work for a complete transition to a greener economy and society.


We must strike a balance between economic growth and environmental protection, and bear in mind that protecting the environment equates to protecting productivity and that improving the environment also equates to developing productivity. We will be more conscientious in promoting green, circular, and low-carbon development. We will never again seek economic growth at the cost of the environment.

— Xi Jinping, “Usher in a New Era of Ecological Progress”

Innovative development is necessary for the sustainable growth of the world economy. Growth driven by stimulating policies and large-scale and direct government intervention in the economy can only treat the symptoms but not the disease, while growth at the cost of high energy consumption and environmental pollution is even less sustainable. Countries should improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth and avoid simply measuring development by the GDP growth rate.

— Xi Jinping, “Jointly Maintain and Develop an Open World Economy”

The slowdown of the Chinese economy is an intended result of our own regulatory initiatives…we have recognized that to fundamentally ensure long-term economic development, China has to press ahead with structural reform, even if this requires some sacrifice of speed. In whatever undertaking, one has to look far and plan wisely to take care of both the short and long term needs. Killing the hen to get eggs or draining the pond to catch fish is no formula for sustainable development.

— Xi Jinping, “Deepen Reform and Opening up and Work Together for a Better Asia Pacific”



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